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Rely on us, not spell check

The difference between a professional document and an amateur one is sometimes only dependent on spelling, grammar and punctuation. The Australian English language is notorious for having many quirky rules when it comes to 'proper grammar'.


Far too often, unsuspecting and rather trusting individuals rely on spell check to catch all the errors in a document. Why shouldn't they? Afterall, it's a computer doing the proofreading and editing, right? How could it miss anything?


Unfortunately, and far too often, spell check fails to pick up all the errors in a document. It's happened to us all before; you wait eagerly to get that draft back only to find it's got red pen all over it. Where did you go wrong? 


The answer to that part is easy: proofreading and editing your own work is like trying to tickle yourself; it just doesn't quite work. This is because our brains have an unusual (and stubborn) ability to ignore or 'glance-over' mistakes we've already made. Basically, the same thought process that went into making the mistake is still going on while proofreading.


Clearly this can be a problem, especially when the written document is for something really important, like a job, contract, letter or website!


That's when you need a professional to proofread and edit all of your silly little misteaks ... erm ... I mean, 'mistakes'.

No frills editing and proofreading

Hiring a professional to proofread and edit your document is a smart decision. It takes a fresh pair of eyes to pick up on the smallest and simplest of errors and often there are no second chances.


Our chief editor and proofreader is highly trained and experienced in the correct use of the verbal and written Australian English language. With the experience and training as a non-practising Australian Lawyer, we ensure the highest attention to detail when proofreading and editing your document.


Our proofreading and editing services are designed to ensure the least amount of effort on your part. Simply send us the document to be edited and we'll send it back to you, ready to stand up to the highest professional scrutiny.


We can proofread and edit virtually anything, including:-


  • Letters (personal and professional)

  • Website content / advertising copy

  • Contracts and technical documents

  • Manuscripts and books

  • Articles

  • Academic documents (essays, reports) *we do not write academic pieces or provide any similar services


We value your privacy and confidentiality and ensure the protection of all documents sent to us for editing and proofreading.

Price guide and turn-around time

Write My Letter offers affordable pricing and fixed quotes on all proofreading and editing services. 


Proofreading and editing prices start from $30 per 1,000 words.


The total amount of your quote depends on the following:-


  • Word count (1,000 word minimum charge, pro-rata)

  • Complexity of the document to be edited 

  • Overall average amount of editing required (based on a sample of approximately 100 words)


Turn-around time:


We endeavour to have all documents returned within 1-2 business days, depending on overall length and complexity.


For all urgent, same or next day jobs, a 35% surcharge will apply.


All drafts are delivered via email in an editable Word (.doc) file and image (.PDF) file.


Use our secure online submission form to send us your document by clicking HERE or send an email to