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The art of communication

Communication via letters has been around for thousands of years. They were used in ancient India, Egypt, Greece, Rome and even ancient Sumer as a means of exchanging ideas with others, expressing opinions, delivering news and information and of course, expressing love and affection (or otherwise).


In the present day, letter writing is still the number one form of communication in the world. From individual to individual, company to company - all over the world, every day, millions of written letters are being sent by foot, bike, car, ship and plane.


Communication via a letter is still the best way to ensure your message is received in the appropriate tone and in the most professional way available. While emails are efficient and "user friendly", letters are still the most effective way of ensuring your message is taken seriously.


So why then are letters so notoriously difficult to write? Well, there's a lot to consider when writing a letter - some common problem areas people experience when writing letters are:-


  • What do I need my letter to say and where do I begin?

  • Is my message and letter clear enough?

  • Is my spelling and grammar correct?

  • Is my layout correct?



That's where we come in!

Backed by the education, training and experience of a non-practising Australian Lawyer, Write My Letter is able to accurately and securely take your instructions (via our online submission forms, over the phone or in person) to ensure your message is conveyed in the most professional and effective way.


Our letter writer will create the first draft according to your instructions and provide helpful hints and suggestions for you to review. Often the first draft is the final draft, and then all you need to do is print and sign the letter and pop it in the post. It's that easy. 


All drafts are sent to you via email in an editable Word (.doc) file and image (.PDF) file.


Our Speak For Yourself policy means that we'll continue working with you to create additional drafts at no extra charge* until you are 100% satisied with the final draft. 

The letters we write

Write My Letter can write you a letter for almost any situation. All we need from you are the basics about who the letter is going to and why, and what you want to achieve - we'll do the rest of the work.


Sometimes, depending on the type of letter you need, we may ask you to have a crack at writing a first draft yourself. This is usually all we need to re-write the letter for you. For legal purposes, some letters cannot be prepared from scratch by us, but the good news for you is that the more input you have into creating your letter or document, the cheaper the overall price will be.


We can write and prepare a wide-range of letters, including:-


  • Technical letters

  • Professional letters

  • Formal letters and informal letters

  • Letters to government departments

  • Letters to employers/employees

  • Letters to customers/clients

  • Letters to schools/universities

  • Letters requesting a review of a decision

  • Show cause letters

  • Complaint letters

  • Business letters

  • Personal letters

  • Letters to neighbours

  • Letters to businesses

  • And much more



Price guide and turn-around time

Write My Letter offers affordable pricing with fixed quotes for all letters.


The prices listed below are a guide only:-


  • 1 page - 1.5 pages | $35 - $75

  • 2 page - 3.5 pages | $75 - $120


Things that can affect the price of your letter include:-


  • How much information overall is to be included in the letter.

  • How much information you provide for the letter versus how much information we create from scratch.

  • How long, detailed and complex the letter is.


Turn-around time:


We endeavour to have all letters completed within 2-3 business days. 


Express or same-day delivery is available upon request for an additional 35% of the quoted amount.



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