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A letter writing service for everyone

Born out of necessity, Write My Letter was created to allow easy and affordable access to professional writing services for everyday people.

It was created as a platform for equality and fairness to allow people access to a professional service that would allow their voices and messages to be heard clearly and precisely.

While Write My Letter doesn't provide legal advice, it can help individuals prepare important documents and allows people to express themselves clearly and professionally.

We write all types of letters and other professional documents. In fact, we're one of the only specialised and dedicated letter writing services in Australia and the world!

Write My Letter levels the playing field and gives you a voice to Speak For Yourself.

Let us tell you a little bit about why we're so great

It's not a secret - we write letters and we write letters well.

In fact, we write letters so well that we decided to write virtually every type of letter you can think of that there is to write.

For example, we have a letter writer who is a trained and experienced Australian Lawyer. So, we're able to write very complex and technical letters based on your instructions and for a very reasonable price (roughly between $35 and $75 per page). 

We listen for free or read your emails or texts and send you a fixed quote for ALL the work we do (yes, all of it!). If you're happy with the quote, we'll get to work and have your draft delivered within a few days.

But we don't just write technical and legal letters. We can write virtually any letter you need. We've written personal letters (like lovey-dovey letters), complaint letters (like 'I'm really upset with your service' letters), character reference letters (like 'He's a good bloke' letters) and all other types of letters.

Just tell us what letter you need us to write - remember, we listen for free and provide fixed quotes for all work.

And while we don't give legal advice, we can certainly write a perfect letter that suits your needs and helps you to Speak For Yourself (that's actually kind of our motto around here).

Once we got going with our little business (in 2012), we didn't just stop at writing letters. You see, when you have good writers, you can write virtually anything ...

For example, we have a resume and cover letter writer who knows all there is to know about resumes and cover letters. In fact, our writer writes resumes and cover letters so well that employers have actually said that the resume "jumped off the table and smacked us in the face." (Actual quote from a very excited employer - and yes, the client got their dream job!)

And we didn't just stop at letter writing and resume writing. Oh, no! In fact, our writers write so well that we mixed our technical writing talents with our creative writing talents and we decided to write a whole bunch of things for businesses, such as business engagement letters, website content (like this one), business profiles, advertising copy and virtually any other type of writing that a business might need.

Another thing a business might need is a technical document - and so we have (yes, you guessed it) a technical writer who is able to write ... technical stuff -- you know, like terms and conditions, agreements, contracts, business plans and business profiles, instruction manuals and training material. If you need it, we can write it!

We can even help people prepare, summarise and write documents or submissions (like VCAT applications or other VIS - Very Important Stuff). Actually, our writers' understanding and command of the Australian English language (Extremely Complex Edition 2.0) means that we're also able to scrutinise any document to provide some of the most comprehensive proofreading and editing services you've ever scene (erm, I mean 'seen') --- Anyway, the point is, you can trust us (not spellcheck)!

So, basically, if you need something written, or proofread and edited, you've come to the right place.

We are Write My Letter - we're Australian, we service the world and we're pretty awesome at writing stuff!

Your very own professional writer at your fingertips

Having a professionally written letter, resume or website is easier than ever with our seamless and ultra-fast service that puts you directly in touch with a professional writer. You can have virtually any document you need in just 3 easy steps!


1. Send us an email (contact@writemyletter.com.au) or click here to book your free telephone consultation. Or click above to complete the online form (it takes about 5 minutes) or give us a call on +61433206019.

2. We'll respond as quickly as possible with an obligation-free quote and a nice introductory email from your writer. Feel free to ask any questions!

3. Your first draft will be sent to your email address usually within 2-3 days from the date of payment. Payment can be made via EFT (electronic funds transfer) or PayPal.  We provide unlimited additional drafts at NO extra charge to ensure you are 100 per cent happy with the final draft. 

What can we write for you today?

Write My Letter offers free telephone consultations where you'll be chatting directly with our chief writer, Jason. This is the perfect chance to discuss exactly what y...
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Please let us know what you need and we'll provide a fixed quote that includes unlimited drafts to ensure you are satisfied with the final draft.*

Write My Letter can also create the following professional documents from scratch, using our own unique templates, with aesthetics and ease-of-reading at the forefront of our approach to any writing task:-


  1. Resumes and cover letters

  2. Proofreading and editing

  3. Terms and conditions

  4. Technical writing (business plans, contracts, terms of service etc.)

  5. Website content / advertising copy


Write My Letter is here to revolutionise the way Australians communicate by providing easy and affordable access to a professionally trained and highly-experienced writer.


Express yourself in the most professional way - Speak For Yourself with Write My Letter: A professional writing service that never compromises on quality or service.


*Excluding any agreed upon variations to a first or subsequent draft which adds at least 200 words of additional content that was not provided at the time of the initial quote.

Click on the booking widget to book your free consultation with our chief writer, Jason Themistoklis.


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*Write My Letter is not an incorporated law firm and does not provide legal advice. The information contained on this website or in any service we provide to you is intended as a guide only and should not be taken to be the giving of legal advice or a substitute for the giving of legal advice. You are strongly encouraged to obtain independent legal advice before sending or using a legal letter or document for any purpose.